Nov 20, 2012

Winged House by K2LD Architects

The Winged House is a remarkably triangular private residence located on the tropical island of Singapore. Its architectural frame features two adjacent trapeziums on a triangulated plot of land. These embracing forms open towards lush greenery at the back of the site, at the same time carving out a cozy private garden in the middle. Inspired by traditional Malay housing, the folding trapeziums let in fresh air for relief from tropical heat while the extended eaves provide shelter and shade from seasonal downpours. An airy living room is flanked by granite feature walls, providing heavy contrast against the lighter timber used throughout the rest of the house. This house is the proud design work of local firm K2LD Architects.

How to Tie a Bow Tie by The Hill-Side Video

For those sartorially inclined, you’ve undoubtedly encountered just how infuriating it can be to tie a bow tie. Thanks to The Hill-Side and a little stop motion ingenuity that removes “fingers” from the equation, the video offers up a short and concise explanation. Armed with this video, now marks the perfect time to discard that cheesy clip-on and opt for the real McCoy.

Goyard Emphasizes its History and Quality in Latest Le Rendez-Vous Video

Reputable Parisian trunk maker Goyard has put forth a new video briefly providing some insight into the craftsmanship and history the brand is recognized for. Employing subtle sensory appeal to great effect; the clicks, snaps and locks resonating from each component create a euphonious array giving life to each trunk. Stages of sanding, painting and finishing details are previewed, foreshadowing the final result of a meticulously constructed piece of luxury luggage. To this day the storied brand maintains a high level of keen detailing that is apparent in the final product of each piece.

Nov 14, 2012

For every occasion

Undercover Men’s Down and Leather Jacket

Conquer the winter with this deeply detailed Men’s Down and Leather Jacket ($2,085) from Undercover. This design is down and feather filled, while the outer fabric is made of matt polyester. The collar has shearling trim for the utmost warmth against the cold air. The best part of this jacket is the thick long leather sleeves, which provides a modern twist to this classic winter design. At the seams of the shoulders is a ribbed jersey join for coziness and comfort. The coat finishes with shiny gold snap buttons down the middle and two slit pockets. What do you think of the leather and down combination?


Nov 5, 2012

Pharrell: Places & Spaces I’ve Been Signing

A camera follows Pharrell around on the day of his first book-signing at Marc Jacobs’ BOOK MARC store in L.A.

Pharrell on what an icon is and interviewing Jay-Z:

“If you look at like a Jay-Z for example, the thing that tore most people down is what he put on his back and sort of made it make sense, and set an example for what adversity is meant to do in our lifetime. So, it was cool to interview him because he is a living manifestation of my view, that is essentially everything is mind over matter, and with the right determination and the right skill-set, there’s no reason why you can’t figure it out. Then you find your purpose, and that’s a guy who’s found his purpose.”
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