Jan 31, 2012

Complex: "Shit Sneakerheads Say" Video

Complex Magazine drops their rendition of the internet meme “Shit… Say” with Shit Sneakerheads Say. Not really a lot to say as most of you know the drill. Have a listen and see if you agree or feel some obvious one-liners were omitted.

Michael Dupouy: All Gone Dissected

For over half a decade, Michael Dupouy (otherwise known as La MJC) has had a strong involvement in the development and expression of street culture in Europe. Based in Paris, the well versed creative complemented his agency work with the conception of a yearly streetwear bible titled All Gone. Created in a beautifully bound book, Michael Dupouy and his team have the unenviable task of filtering through a year’s worth of product (broken up into 12 months) – a task that surely hasn’t gotten an easier with each passing year. We speak with Dupouy about his editorial process and his own thoughts on the current streetwear environment.

Can you introduce yourself and the direction behind your book, All Gone?
I’m Michael Dupouy, founder of La MJC communication agency. Born and raised in Paris, working hard since 1976. I have imagined the All Gone book six years ago, while everybody was announcing the end of paper press and internet was starting killing the video stars. My original idea was to create a rich and comprehensive book with main purpose to document and pay tribute to the best of street culture by showcasing its most appealing and innovative projects. The first ambition was to make the book become a bible for the street scene, paying homage to its elite. A book that you would collect every year, making sense year after year, altogether looking like an encyclopedia.

How would you define the progression of streetwear over the last 5 years?
The past 5-6 years, the game has changed a lot. I would say the street scene stepped up to maturity. Under the guidance of its leaders, the scene fused its codes with those of fashion, luxury and art. It’s not a passion for a restricted club anymore. It has a huge influence on contemporary world. Fortunately, the economic crisis did not stop those who wanted to push the scene forwards and ambition and creativity are still the keys.

What’s your usual process for creating the book? Do you keep a weekly/monthly tab of items to review?
Honestly ? My radar is always on. I try to be connected with all the brands, all the creative people, to know their upcoming projects. It’s more easy to do now than at the beginning of All Gone, as now a lot of people want their products/projects featured in it. Almost everyday, I change my list of items, add some, delete others etc…I do it on a daily basis, and at the end of the month, I do a full review and try to get my favorites at our studio to make the photo shootings.

What do you take into consideration before including an item into a book?
It’s always a hard choice. I try to have the good balance between the category, the brands, the color matching from a page to another, and of course, the number of pages I have to make the book. 248 pages is a lot, but not that much at the end, when you think how many items are released per day. The first consideration is always about the success of the item, the people and the idea behind and how it influenced the scene.

With so much to go through, what is the hardest part about creating the book? Has it gotten harder to filter with more and more content being created?
Making the choices is the hardest part. I have to take some risks, sometimes skip products imagined by people I’m friend with or brands I’m close to. For example, my company celebrated its 10th birthday in 2011 but you won’t find any of our products in the book. I don’t want people to think I’m using the book to promote our items. This year, with the recession, successes have been harder to achieve, so it it has been much easier to do my selection as only the very best have stood up to the crisis.

What’s the process behind designing the covers… and how much longer will leopard stay “on-trend” before it enters its cyclical death?
If you know the All Gone book since day one, you have noticed that it’s the first time we offered a “printed” cover. The five first issues were using different fabrics, sober, and the last one was using a beautiful nubuck. I think it was the perfect moment for leopard this year. If the boom of the past few years drove street culture to a more understated and back-to-basics approach, it really seems that the more recent harder times are bringing back diversity, eccentricity and uniqueness. Leopard symbolizes that trend and was the year favorite print. That’s why I chose it. I think it will survive even if people are already bored because we have seen it too many times recently. But it’s like camouflage or polka dots, those are timeless and will never die, and will come back again.

This year’s book is dedicated to DJ Mehdi, what does his loss mean to you and the music community?
It means a lot to me. He was a friend. I knew him for a very long time, he was DJ’ing at all our parties since the early beginning of my company and saw our thing growing year after year. The least I could do is dedicate him the book this year. His legacy will always be with us and the music community will never forget him because of his huge talent and also because he was really appreciated by all.

Patta x All Gone at 60/62

Here’s a video recap of the book launch Patta hosted for La MJC/All Gone 2011.
(Above a snapshot of Michael Dupouy signing my book!)

Since 2006, Paris-based La MJC has been collecting and publishing products released every year. All Gone documents only the most sought after street culture items and is widely regarded as the "Street Culture Bible". The 2011 edition is no different: 250 pages featuring only the best of the best from all over the world, with additional information, anecdotes and short interviews accompanying the beautifully photographed products.

Check it out!

Jan 29, 2012

I Am Bruce Lee !

Coming to theaters this February is the new documentary I Am Bruce Lee. Featuring footage from the likes of The Big Boss, First of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon and The Game of Death, the film delves into the life of Bruce Lee and his current legacy in both martial arts and entertainment. The piece also contains interviews with those who knew him most intimately, as well as a range of people from international boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao and Lakers star Kobe Bryant, to UFC’s Dana White and current Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. The video catches up with each celebrity as they address the impact of the martial arts superstar and cultural icon on their own lives and psyche. I Am Bruce Lee opens February 9 through select theaters.

Jan 23, 2012

Tattoo Girls Part II

Desillusion: Hand and Glove Tattoo Studio

Surf-inspired French magazine Desillusion takes pride in showcasing the creative minds behind independent retailers and showrooms. Today, the nearly decade-old editorial presents a brief look into Romain Pareja’s “Hand and Glove Tattoo Studio,” filmed by Thibaut Grevet of “The Death Of Cool Soul Agency.” Creating artwork unique and personal as the clientele, “Hand and Glove” embodies the classic European punk scene and should be a must-visit for any Parisian looking to ink their skin.

Jan 19, 2012

The Talks: Marc Jacobs

The Talks‘s latest high profile subject is none other than eponymous brand founder and Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs. Having enjoyed a notable physical transformation which has seen him placed in the nude for select Louis Vuitton ads, the interview focuses heavily on his progress towards a relatively (he still smokes) healthier lifestyle and the benefits he has enjoyed cause of it.

An excerpt is seen below and you can read the full interview here.

Mr. Jacobs, how would you describe your ultimate goal as a designer?
To make nice things and to get them out there so people can enjoy them.

Are designers selling an image more than clothes nowadays?
No, I don’t think so. Different people buy for different reasons, but I don’t think we are selling an image. I think we are selling products and those products have some kind of intrinsic integrity or some sort of aesthetic or sensibility. Whether it is a t-shirt or whether it is a party-dress, the approach to them is exactly the same: it is something we wanted to make. So I don’t really think we are selling an image. People can buy for whatever reason they want but we are basically just involved in the making of things.

Yves Saint Laurent said in his farewell speech: “I now understand that the most important encounter in life is the encounter with oneself.” Have you reached that moment yet?
I feel I know myself pretty well at this point. I am still open-minded and still kind of curious and have a wonder about things, but I feel quite strong as a person and I’ve developed a certain confidence and a certain self-awareness. It doesn’t make life easy all the time, but it gives me a certain strength that perhaps took a long time to develop.

Is success a key to happiness?
I don’t know, I don’t know what the key to happiness is. Happy is just a feeling like every other feeling. I certainly feel happy some days and in general I am pretty happy, but I have all the other feelings as well. So I don’t know if there is a key. Maybe the Buddhists have it right where they just sort of honor all feelings and just go with the flow. And then I think you have no problems.

Can success and constant flattery be distracting?
Well, I just do my job. I’m not really distracted by it. Nice things are very nice to hear and it is flattering when one is given some kind of recognition, but none of that distracts me from what my job is, what it has always been: to make things. And honestly, no matter how flattering or even un-flattering something is, it doesn’t prevent me from getting up and going to work and doing what I love to do.

You have made a huge transformation in your image over the past 6 years. Was getting physically in shape a necessity in order to achieve the image you thought was the best for you and your brand?
No, I didn’t do it for the image. I did it for health reasons. I was really very weak. I had been working very hard and I had some stomach problems, so I saw a nutritionist and he recommended that I go to the gym and change my diet and all of that.

Has it been a new feeling for you?
Of course. I liked the results on a lot of levels. I felt better, I felt stronger and I think I also gained a lot of confidence with the physical transformation I made. One thing just led to another and I feel that I live a happier and richer life since I’ve been taking care of myself.

There are no exceptions?
With the exception of smoking cigarettes. But besides that I take pretty good care of myself. I enjoy it.

Besides looking into the mirror, what else do you enjoy more now on a day to day basis?
It’s funny: I enjoy clothing more, I enjoy getting my haircut, I enjoy grooming. In a way it kind of helped me to understand more of what the customer sees in terms of fashion. I got to appreciate it more from a first hand point of view. I like to shop, for example, which I never did before.

PH New York by Innocad

Austrian architecture firm Innocad have just completed a radical renovation of a New York apartment. With a rooftop overlooking Highland Park near the Meatpacking District, Innocad was tasked with creating a fresh, livable space of both European and Western architectural inspiration. Each room was thematically designed as a tribute of sorts based around a central view or feeling evoked by the city of New York. The result of the project was nothing short of impressive with a redesign that is more than equal to the incredible view of the beautiful New York space.

Photography: Thomas Schauer

Ann Demeulemeester Black Washed Suede Biker Boots

A new footwear offering from Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester comes courtesy of this pair of Black Washed Suede Biker Boots. A staple silhouette within the label’s footwear department, this high-cut variant features a washed aesthetic and lace-up front with rivets and hooks. An interesting facet however goes to the contrast wooden outsole that is rarely spotted on prior tonal releases. Made in Italy, the boots are now available for £705 GBP (approximately $1,084 USD).

Pharrell & HMI Orchestra: “I Am Other” Theme

Between a plethora of creative projects and visits around the world, Pharrell manages to step back into his primary domain of music. Partnering with the University of Miami Frost School of Music and the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra, Williams works his musical magic over a “mixed-genre orchestral work—which features soft and ethereal atmospheres contrasted with fortissimo brass themes and driving rhythms—to explore a different side of his musical creativity, and to encourage his hip-hop fan base to expand their musical horizons.”

Source: Nah Right

Nike Soccer: Ronaldo R9 Pra Sempre Fenomeno

Earlier this year, the soccer world said its fairwells to one of the most dynamic and generation-defining players ever as Brazilian attacker Ronaldo hung up his boots for good. Battling injury and fitness issues up until his retirement, a player of Ronaldo’s stature undoubtedly gained a wealth of support and respect through countless contributions to club and country. Paying tribute to the player in June, he was able to make a 15-minute appearance versus Romania as a last chance to capture some of the irreplaceable nationalistic pride and excitement that comes with pulling on the iconic yellow kit. Nike Soccer captured the whole night through a short film that includes the striker’s own thoughts and some appearances from a new crop of superstars, including Neymar.

Louis Vuitton: Fashion Week Perspectives – Jean-Philippe Delhomme

During fashion week, French fashion house Louis Vuitton carefully selected six influential contributors from around the world to be part of the brand’s application called Amble – a newer platform to document and share everyone’s travel memories. Highlighting one of its contributors on a more personal level, Louis Vuitton: Fashion Week Perspectives present Parisian illustrator and painter Jean-Philippe Delhomme on the video shown above. The captivating creative shares his thoughts and appreciation to his home turf and the fashionable crowd who he considers a good subject for drawing.

Google Currents

Debuting its own Flipboard-esque mobile app, Google today pulls the curtains on an intuitive web content viewer it is branding as Google Currents. The California-based tech giant unveils the application only a day after its Flipboard predecessor introduced an iPhone-ready version of its wildly popular iPad application. Intuitively optimizing web content to be readily consumed on both iOS and Android devices, the software compiles text, pictures, audio and video into a neatly packaged and easy-to-navigate user interface. Google Currents will debut with an array of publishing partners including, but not limited to, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Gizmodo, TMZ, Popular Science, AllThingsD and many more. As in many first generation Google ventures, the full weight of its functionality and comprehensive usability have yet to be harnessed, but given the impressive list of content partners, its cross-platform presentation and RSS/Google Reader integration, we can’t help but give it a try.

Jan 15, 2012


- "The core of my work is dedicated not to pleasing women but to pleasing men." -

Christian Louboutin


‎- "Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself."-

How do you judge a book?

Go beyond the cover! Amazing!

Samsung Smart Window

Samsung unveils a glimpse of the very near future at CES 2012. The Smart Window is self-explanatory and mind-blowing, and these babies will be out on the streets before the year is out–literal over-sized transparent one-way mirrored touchscreen technology is making its way into our homes. The Smart window provides views of both the physical and virtual world, a view which can be manipulated using its blinds app. More than cool factor, these digital blinds control the amount of actual light that comes in through your Smart Window, eliminating the need for backlight units during the day. This means it consumes only about 10% of the electricity that a standard LCD display its size would. Albeit wanting on the portability scale, this latest surprise from Samsung looks fixed to win… it is after all a simple premise: why buy a hulky desktop when you can surf on your window?

Jan 12, 2012

Lanvin Cotton Pique Military Jacket

This Lanvin Cotton Pique Military Jacket (approx. $1,773) contributes a sleek and conservative look to your outfit. It has a stand-up collar that goes into epaulettes, brass buttons down the center, and two front darts and flap pockets. Every aspect of this jacket portrays a strong militant look. Wear the Lanvin Military Jacket buttoned-up or buttoned-down to show off a graphic tee.

How would you wear it?

Joel Lim “Boys and Their Toys” Exhibition @ FLABSLAB Gallery

This January, Singapore’s FLABSLAB Gallery will host a new exhibition from 2010 ELLE Photographer of the Year Joel Lim. Dubbed “Boys and Their Toys,” the works centers around tastefully portrayed women and some of the most rare and coveted toys in the world. Consisting of 12 large format prints, the exhibition will also offer exclusive distribution of the works in a limited-edition calendar book. Free and open to the public, “Boys and Their Toys” will be on display January 6-13 at FLABSLAB.

1 Commonwealth Lane, One Commonwealth building, #06-11

Source: Staple Design

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Christmas has come and gone, and if your hands are still unprotected while navigating your smartphone in the frigid elements, you can still snap up a pair of Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves from the Dutch innovators. Designed to act as a second skin that still insulates, the gloves still harness the conductive elements of your skin, thanks to a clever silver-coated nylon knit throughout the glove.



Does democratized culture mean better art, film, music and literature or is true talent instead flooded and drowned in the vast digital ocean of mass culture? That is the question addressed by PressPausePlay, a documentary film containing interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators of the digital era. Through a stream of wise words and striking images, House of Radon explores what the digital revolution has done to the arts. The entire riveting documentary is available to watch online right now.

Architecture + Influence : A Short Film on the Work of Philip Johnson

Highlighting the work of iconic American architect Philip Johnson, The National Trust for Historic Preservation unveils its latest short film, “Architecture + Influence: A Short Film on the Work of Philip Johnson.” The film boasts an impressive and concise oral history of Johnson’s extensive body of work throughout the years. One of the few whose legacy is as vast as it is impactful, Johnson is respected for his Glass House masterpiece and his wide range of work that drastically changed the architecture landscape indefinitely.

CLAE Travels: Vietnam

For many, travelling is an integral and necessary step within the creative and design process. While in the midst of preparation for the launch of its recent collection, the creative team of CLAE footwear headed all the way to Southeast Asia for a biannual shoe development trip in Vietnam. The captivating short film above shows a documentation of their commute showcasing the hustle and bustle of the largest city in the country, Ho Chi Minh.

Vadim Kibardin “White + White” Clock

Russian designer Vadim Kibardin’s “White + White” Clock is a three-dimensional take on the traditional digital clock. The white LED digits are set in a frame crafted from white ABS plastic that offers the option for both 12 and 24 hour display modes. As Kibardin’s attention to detail is second to none, the piece interacts with its environment as the time display may dim or brighten according to the presence or absence of external light. The clock was made available for pre-sale in November of 2011 and is now in production in 2012.

Source: Designboom

Leo Messi – FIFA World Player of the Year 2011

FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi has taken home his third straight FIFA World Player of the Year Award, cementing his legacy at the ripe old age of 24. Messi received the Ballon d’Or for 2011, beating out club teammate Xavi Hernandez and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. The only other three-time winners in the history of the beautiful game are Ronaldo (1996-97, 2002) and Zinedine Zidane (1998, 2000, 2003). Messi scored 55 goals in 2011 for Barcelona, which won its third Champions League title in six seasons and four goals for Argentina’s national team.

Jan 3, 2012

Cool Effect.

Damn, that’s the freshest sportscoat in the world.

Jan 1, 2012

2011 Salute. 2012 Bless.

May 2012 bring you lots of prosperity, happiness, love and (w)health..
May 2012 be about chasing your dreams and achieving your goals..
May it be about love and joy..
May it be about giving and receiving.. But most importantly..
May it be about you becoming the person you want to be.. doing the things you want to do.. and,
May tonight be about the celebration of all these things..
Have a wonderfull 2012!

Let's take 2012 to Another Level.
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