Jan 27, 2011

Russian Prison System - Documentary

Really interesting documentairy about the Russian Prison System.
The quality of the prison tattoo's is incredible!

Toro Y Moi – Still Sound

All Gone 2010 - Berlin book launch


All Gone 2010 - Paris book launch


I'm always open-minded, I like to hear new and different ideas or opinions of others about certain things in life. Yesterday i went to a lecture of A. Bakas, A great Trendwatcher - Author Speaker.
I didn't knew what it was about, thought to be a simple presentation about the latest trends.. but it was quite more,

A very inspiring story.

Certain things that keeps us going and we don't have any sense about it, From back in the days till now.. And how will the future look like in 50 years from now?

Just think two steps ahead, before you act..

Be someone.

Canadian rapper Drake was a recent visitor to one of the world’s perennial football club favorites Manchester United, as he took the opportunity to meet and greet with English centerback Rio Ferdinand. The two conversed over the parallels of each other’s business as entertainers as well as a mutual admiration for one another’s trade.

Jan 14, 2011

Still on the Wishlist.

Air Jordan 6 Carmine Retro vs. Original

How bad do you want to be successful?

To be..

Dreamers can not be tamed.

Street style.

Jan 10, 2011


Argentina and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi won FIFA's Ballon d'Or award on Monday as the world's best player of 2010.

Messi won the trophy for a second straight year, finishing ahead of Barcelona teammates Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez.

"It's a very special day for me," Messi said through a translator on receiving the award at a gala ceremony in FIFA's home city.

The 23-year-old Messi helped an exciting Barcelona team retain its Spanish league title and lead the standings again this season.

Messi's trademark tricky play was often mesmerizing and he scored 58 goals for the Catalan club in 2010. However, he had a disappointing World Cup in South Africa, failing to score. Iniesta and Xavi, by comparison, starred for eventual winner Spain.

"I didn't expect to win it today," Messi said. "Already it's a source of happiness to be here with my friends and even more to win it."

Messi obtained 22.65 percent of the votes cast by coaches and captains of national teams plus invited journalists. The original shortlist featured 23 players.

Andres Iniesta finished second with 17.36 percent and Xavi received 16.48 percent to finish third for the second straight year.

All three candidates learned their craft at Barcelona's La Masia youth academy.


Carissa Rosario x Maxim Photoshoot

Adrian Joffe: The Idea of COMME des GARÇONS

When Rei Kawakubo presented her first show in Paris under the name ‘COMME des GARÇONS’ in 1981, it was received as a ground breaking collection. However not everyone in the Paris fashion system was ready for this change as she approached the fundamental core of the fashion system from a much different angle. Many collections later, COMME des GARÇONS has proved its worth in becoming one of the most influential fashion brands to emerge. That particular collection several decades ago ended the French Fashion Syndicate’s influence in the fashion industry and sparked off a new era of creation and brand management.

As the emerging Chinese market grows leaps and bounds every few months, the fashion hungry recently enjoyed a great boost thanks to the partnering of COMME des GARÇONS and I.T on the creation of I.T Beijing Market. Sharing the spotlight with another influential Japanese brand in A Bathing Ape, the two will spearhead the foundation of progressive fashion in China.

At the recent opening, we spoke with COMME des GARÇONS International’s President and Rei Kawakubo’s husband Adrian Joffe and discussed the importance of having a coherent identity, the notion of creation, Kawakubo’s fundamental beliefs and the common misconceptions of COMME des GARÇONS and Rei Kawakubo.

Interview: Edward Chiu
Text: Eugene Kan
Photography: Louis Lau
Source: Hypebeast

Jan 9, 2011


Transformers III Dark of the Moon Trailer - Official (HD)

B. Prorsum

While everybody usually stick to the classic black when it comes to biker jackets, i love this new brown nappa leather biker jacket from Burberry Prorsum. The color is special, looks really premium and cut is innovative, while not attracting too much attention.

Jan 8, 2011

Intel Visual Life: The Sartorialist

I think i do not have to expain who ' The Sartorialist ' is. I'll say; Street hipsters, Camera and Blog.. I think you might know what i mean uh?
Yes indeed, It's that dude who daily fills his website with homemade pictures of real cool peeps all arround the world.

Scott Schuman, is his name..

Blogger Scott Schumann aka The Sartorialist, stars in this video in order to explain the visual elements to his life. Specifically, Schumann explains the way in which visual dialogues have shaped his work and what visual dynamics mean to him.
Also discussing the way in which he is affected by magazines and photographs, Schumann continues to explain his photographic approach and how he comes to create the visual works for which he is famous for.

Stone Rollin'

Jan 6, 2011

Think Big.

“ I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities. ” - Dr. Seuss

The History & Success of Japanese Denim: Momotaro Jeans

Made with Japan recently paid a visit to the headquarters of Japan Blue Group, the makers and parent company of Momotaro Jeans. Located in Kojima, a small town in Okayama considered to be the mecca of Japanese denim, the company is now recognized internationally for creating high-quality denim and occasionally going over-the-top. Offered below is an interview with Masahiro Suwaki, the Vice President of Japan Blue Group and the mastermind behind Momotaro Jeans. The interview in its entirety is available here.

So, will you tell us a little about the history and background of your company and Momotaro Jeans?

Well, we started with jeans in Japan. Our company’s foundation is in textile manufacturing. Our textiles have reached different parts of the globe now. For example, in America we sell our denim to Ralph Lauren and many other companies that seek high quality.

I saw a section called Rampuya (Ranpuya) on your website. Can you tell me what that’s all about?

Rampuya (Ranpuya) is a company we dedicated solely to high quality Aizome, Japanese indigo dying. Our other company called Collect manufactures and sells textiles. And with those two companies combined creates Japan Blue Group. But we started just as Collect.

So it appears you still sell to brands all over the world. How did you start selling to companies overseas?

U–m. As you probably know, there was a huge trend for premium jeans around the world right? So we were the first to create the premium denim material. We were creating the fabric and selling it to luxury brands overseas, for example Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other companies started buying from us. We were actually surprised in the beginning! After that, the vintage boom in Japan helped our company take off further. (The vintage boom in Japan started with people paying hefty prices for real American vintage Levi’s, Lee’s, and Wrangler but gradually evolved into a style where brands began to recreate vintage styles in premium denim material)

Wow, that is amazing.

However, there are many business-focused companies in Japan that are geared towards copying textile designs and lowering costs. It was difficult to compete only with our artisan dyed and crafted denim so we split the company into two. Collect became dedicated for purely denim manufacturing. And Rampuya was created to allow us to continue the artisan methods and sell to only people that understand or really care.

What was your drive to start the Momotaro Jeans denim brand?

It is disappointing, but the population of people who truly understand denim are on the decline in Japan. This I feel is especially true for people who like fashion than the “average” person. When we thought about how we can get high-quality denim in their hands, we figured the best way would be to create our own brand and sell to them directly.

Does that mean the concept for Momotaro Jeans is simply high-quality denim?

That’s exactly correct. We do care about design, but that isn’t our main focus. We simply would like more people to wear and udnerstand high-quality denim.

I was in Tokyo before coming to Okayama and I met a few people in the fashion industry. I can only speak for the people I met, but they seemed to respect Momotaro Jeans so I think your concept is reaching the minds of people who like fashion.

Jan 4, 2011

Oprah Presents Master Class: Jay-Z

A new year brings about new resolutions and many new endeavors. Inaugurating the New Year, television icon and linchpin Oprah Winfrey ascends yet another monumental rung in her celebrated career with the debut of her new television network OWN. Highlighting the debut is a documentary series entitled Oprah Presents: Master Class; showcasing some of the most influential names of our time, sharing with us some of the most intimate moments and lessons that have shaped their lives. The first episode will feature none other than Mr. Shawn Carter himself, discussing his upbringing, relevance and journey through an industry that has been his mainstay for more than a decade.




100 things we didn't know last year

To kick off 2011, here's an almanac of the best from the past year.

Scott Campbell x Louis Vuitton Utah Tattoo Néo Greenwich

Following videos involving Scott Campbell and Louis Vuitton, a natural progression of their relationship features the release of the Utah Tattoo Néo Greenwich bag. The tattoo artist features his iconic work in a lasered design over the center of the bag made with LV’s high-end Utah leather. The dark Basalte colored bag will carry a suggested retail price of $7,150 USD.
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