Jan 8, 2011

Intel Visual Life: The Sartorialist

I think i do not have to expain who ' The Sartorialist ' is. I'll say; Street hipsters, Camera and Blog.. I think you might know what i mean uh?
Yes indeed, It's that dude who daily fills his website with homemade pictures of real cool peeps all arround the world.

Scott Schuman, is his name..

Blogger Scott Schumann aka The Sartorialist, stars in this video in order to explain the visual elements to his life. Specifically, Schumann explains the way in which visual dialogues have shaped his work and what visual dynamics mean to him.
Also discussing the way in which he is affected by magazines and photographs, Schumann continues to explain his photographic approach and how he comes to create the visual works for which he is famous for.

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