Nov 28, 2014

Karl Lagerfeld Presents ‘Reincarnation’ Teaser Featuring Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne

Sep 30, 2014

Rick Owens Gives an Intimate Interview with ‘The New York Times'

The New York Times managed to grab an intimate interview with avant-garde designer Rick Owens at his minimalist Parisian studio. Nestled across two floors of a beautiful townhouse in the Seventh Arrondissement, the studio unsurprisingly reflects Owens’ stark minimalism, and the designer gives some rare insight into the thought processes behind his work. A rare insight into one of fashion’s most iconic figures, check out the video above

Jun 26, 2014


After London Fashion Week, there’s Pitti Uomo. Pitti Uomo 86 takes place this year in Florence from June 17 to June 20 in Florence, Italy. Here’s a look at some streetstyle action.


Kanye West made an appearance at the Translation seminar at the Cannes Lions festival on Tuesday. During his conversation with Translation CEO Steve Stoute and venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, the hip-hop impresario revealed that famed photographer Annie Leibovitz pulled out of his wedding at the last minute (“Maybe she was scared about the idea of celebrity”).

The wedding photo that Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram took “like four days” to edit because the colors on the flower wall didn’t look right. But he says it was worth it because it became the most liked image on Instagram.

Plus, he once again shared his admiration for Apple founder Steve Jobs and weighed in on Apple’s $3 billion dollar purchase of Beats by Dre.

So what’s next for the creative genius? Yeezus wants to bring his design aesthetic to the Internet, starting with a redesign of Instagram.

Read more Kanye quotables below.

On his inspiration: “The only thing I think can be an inspiration to me is the fact that I get bashed so much but create so much. Just know that if you really want to be a boxer, you’re gonna get your face beat up constantly, but then you may end up being Mayweather or Ali.”

On the power of endorsement: “I couldn’t have rapped if Jay Z hadn’t endorsed me. Eminem wouldn’t have been as successful if Dr. Dre hadn’t endorsed him.”

On color correcting his wedding photo: “Now, can you imagine telling someone who just wants to Instagram a photo, the No. 1 person on Instagram, that we need to work on the color of the flowered wall? But the fact that the No. 1 most liked photo has this certain aesthetic on it was a win for what the mission is—of raising the palette.”

On the importance of good design: “I believe that bad taste is vulgar. It’s like cursing. I think the world can be saved through design. Because what is the most distasteful thing someone can do? Kill someone. So, good taste is the opposite of that.”

On Steve Jobs: “Steve Jobs, as everyone knows, was my biggest influence. Just seeing the way he fought to make things easier for people. After he passed, I made it my life’s mission to do what he did inside of that company. I dream to help raise the palette and raise the taste level of a generation and also be involved with the production and distribution and advertising of that thing everyone’s begging for.”

On the Apple/Beats by Dre deal: “There would have been no Beats deal without [Jay Z's] Samsung deal. It showed the No. 1 company the importance of connecting with culture. The reason I said I didn’t like Samsung particularly is because throughout my entire life, because of how my parents raised me, I have to work with the No. 1. I can’t work with anyone but Jay Z, because he’s No. 1. I can’t be with any girl but Kim, because that’s the girl whose pictures I look at the most and get turned on by. I’m not going to represent any company but Louis Vuitton, because that’s No. 1. … Samsung is not quite Apple, but it showed that Jimmy [Iovine] and Dre would be able to connect with the No. 1 influencers.”

On beautifying the Internet: “The world as a whole is fucking ugly. The Internet as a whole is fucking ugly, too. But I’m not in the construction business. I said to [Instagram founder] Kevin [Systrom], why don’t you let us redo Instagram? Now, you know, Instagram is nice. It’s nice looking. I’m not knocking it. But just in general, everyone spends all of their time looking at their screens or their phones. And just as a simple task, we could clean that up.”

Watch the FULL conversation below!

Apr 26, 2014


Pharrell introduces his new “social book” entitled Inspiration. The concept sees the release of Inspiration online, but with a major portion of its text erased – thus leaving the user to fill in the blanks. A point system has been attached to the collaborative guessing game while there are also a bevy of hints to help folks along. Head on over to to check out the project – the first person to guess any individual missing word will be credited in the physical edition of the book upon its release. Proceeds from the eventual sale of the book will go to benefit various learning programs for underprivileged children. By July 1, a free digital version will also be available for you to download.

Watch the video above to begin your interactive experience!

Apr 15, 2014

Pharrell Cries "Happy" Tears During Oprah Winfrey Interview

Pharrell was so overjoyed with emotion during his interview with Oprah Winfrey for an episode of Oprah Prime that he couldn't help but start sobbing. It all started when the pair began talking about his catchy song "Happy."

"Zero air-play, nothing. And the next thing you know, we put out the video on November 21 and all of a sudden—boom. I mean, when I say boom, I mean boooooom," Pharrell told O.

"And we were like, what's happening? First of all, people are putting up their own videos. It was like no longer my song."

That led to Winfrey cueing a montage of videos from all over the world of people getting happy to "Happy"—that's when the musician couldn't hold it in any longer.

"You know, I was just thinking about your grandmother. I bet she didn't even imagine that," Oprah tells Pharrell who is wiping tears off of his face.

He joked, "Why am I crying on Oprah?" Winfrey responded, "It's being used for something that's greater than yourself. I get that."

"It's overwhelming because it's like I love what I do," Pharrell said, "and I just appreciate the fact that people have believed in me for so long, that I could make it to this point to feel that."

Apr 3, 2014


Givenchy releases a new color way for Spring/Summer 2014 in their Hi-Top Trainers. The sneaker features an almond toe with perforated cap, white lace-up front with gold-tone eyelets and cushioned leather and velcro fastening. Available at Browns Fashion for $833.


In case you missed the second episode of VH1′s The Fabulous Life. Beyonce and Jay Z are estimated at a net worth at $775 million, we get a glimpse of the everyday life of Hip-Hop’s power couple.

Mar 6, 2014

Mercedes-Benz 2015 S-Class Coupé

HOYO Smartphone Shower Case Lets You Wash And Read

You need to hop in the shower but you can’t put your phone down. Well, HOYO has a solution for you, a smartphone shower case. HOYO has been specifically designed to allow smart phone owners to take their device into the shower with them knowing that it is completely protected from water damage. Check it out here

Apple Announces CarPlay: The Best iPhone Experience for the Car

Arriving in select cars by the end of 2014, Apple will finally launch Carplay. Carplay comes with built-in Siri support and makes using Apple Maps, the phone, messaging and music a lot more easy. CarPlay will also support many other iPhone apps and should make using your iPhone in the car safer and a lot more fun. Apple

Jan 23, 2014

5 Entrepreneurship Lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Entrepreneurs should pay attention to five important business lessons that can be learned from him.

1. Make Your Dream A Reality

The quote people most often associate with Dr. King – excerpted from his 1963 speech — is “I have a dream.” Of course, many people have dreams. Some even have great dreams. But most people don’t work to make their dreams a reality. Great ideas for new products, businesses, and works of science and art die every day with their inventors. To be an entrepreneur is to dream – but is even more to do.

2. The Way It Was Is Not The Way It Has To Be

At the time that Dr. King gave his famous speech at the Mall Washington , racism had been entrenched in American culture for centuries. Dr. King challenged the status quo, and raised awareness of a different and better future that could be built from positive change. Likewise, businesses often are averse to changing long-held positions, or denying that major changes for the better can take place. Only a few years ago, “experts” were saying that people would reject keyboard-less smartphones like the iPhone, and Blackberry would continue to dominate the smartphone market for many years to come. We know how that turned out.

3. Change Can Happen Fast

The majority of the members of my generation – born not that many years after it took a struggle to get the Civil Rights Act passed – consider the idea that people should be segregated based on the color of their skin to be both morally repugnant and ridiculous. Attitudes change quickly – especially after positive developments occur and everyone sees the correctness of the change. This is true in the area of business as well. Consider how quickly Blackberry went from market leader to having less than 4% of market share, or how fast Kodak was transformed from having its film products bought by nearly every family in America to filing for bankruptcy as a firm many teenagers “had never heard of.”

4. Build A Large Following

Dr. King was an amazing speaker who inspired millions of people with his words. But, ultimately, it was those large numbers of people who organized, marched, or otherwise influenced legislators and the public. There is little doubt that the grassroots nature of the civil rights movement – and the resulting far reach of its leaders – was a key ingredient in its success. In the Internet era it is much easier than the 1960s to reach large numbers of people; if you have a great message – spread it widely.

5. Success Takes A Lot Of Work

The civil rights struggle did not achieve its aims overnight, and its success was built upon the hard work and sacrifice of many; Dr. King and various others even lost their lives. Thankfully, entrepreneurs do not need to make such giant sacrifices, but effectuating change and achieving success does not usually happen without hard work. Yes, there are some businesses that skyrocket to the top, and there are some people who get rich quickly. But, the vast majority of businesses are built with a lot of time and effort. Don’t expect to succeed without working hard.
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