Mar 6, 2014

Mercedes-Benz 2015 S-Class Coupé

HOYO Smartphone Shower Case Lets You Wash And Read

You need to hop in the shower but you can’t put your phone down. Well, HOYO has a solution for you, a smartphone shower case. HOYO has been specifically designed to allow smart phone owners to take their device into the shower with them knowing that it is completely protected from water damage. Check it out here

Apple Announces CarPlay: The Best iPhone Experience for the Car

Arriving in select cars by the end of 2014, Apple will finally launch Carplay. Carplay comes with built-in Siri support and makes using Apple Maps, the phone, messaging and music a lot more easy. CarPlay will also support many other iPhone apps and should make using your iPhone in the car safer and a lot more fun. Apple

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