Apr 26, 2012

PBS Off Book: Tattoos – Pop Portraits, Japanese Traditional, and American Eclectic

Tattoos continue to remain a strictly ‘analog’ means of self-expression in an increasingly digital world. The PBS Off Book series is dedicated to exploring concepts like these, where definitions of art are continuing to be redefined in a modern, new-media society. In this new episode, Off Book delves into the permanent, self-expressive world of both modern and traditional tattoos. To do this, they sit down with three artists from dramatically different backgrounds to learn about the styles and motivations behind the decidedly permanent and analog art they are creating. Some of the featured personalities include Vinny Romanelli of Red Rocket Tattoos, Kiku of Invisible NYC, and Stephanie Tamez of Saved Tattoo.

Boris Bidjan Saberi Belt Leather Jacket

This Boris Bidjan Saberi Jacket ($2,678) is great for nights in the city. It’s made of soft lamb leather and features asymmetric cuts and an oiled finish on the leather, which gives off a luxurious polished look. Also, the inside is fully lined with cotton for coziness, it has a button closure with flap openings, and the most notable part is the belt around the waist. Rock this truly unique jacket and embrace creativeness at its best. See more pics below.

Apr 25, 2012

What To Wear Wednesday For Fly Men - Mixed Prints

The Toy Collecting Barber

A collector and purveyor of retro toys and games, Bobby Agren will take your old toys off you for money, a haircut, or a barter. Narrated by Bobby himself, this six-minute video titled “Retro Bobby” and produced by Copenhagers, is a delightful capture of the essence behind Bobby’s Copenhagen-based trading station/salon. With the space dubbed Ruben & Bobby, the video takes you inside, panning the shelves aligned with vivid toys of old. Sega, Nintendo, Street Sharks and Micro Machines are but a few nostalgic featured items that will make you want to rummage through your own old toy chest. Not to forget the added hair cutting aspect, Ruban & Bobby also double-up as a salon with Bobby as the stylist, to which a haircut can be exchanged for vintage toys.

Très Bien Shop x Tricker’s Country Brogue Stone Brown Suede

Très Bien Shop, in their ongoing collaboration with world class British boot makers Tricker’s, present yet another classic brogue in stone brown 100% Repello suede. Featuring brass eyelets, chunky Goodyear welted wedge crepe soles and natural toned storm welts, these hand-made UK productions are completed by matching round waxed laces and signature navy blue calf leather lining.

Mansome: A Documentary About Being A Man Today

It's a beard thing..

BAPE Summer 2012 Collection




Apr 22, 2012


Hair and shoes say it all. Everything in between is forgivable as long as you keep it simple. Trying to talk with your clothes is passive-aggressive” - Rick Owens

Apr 18, 2012

Exclusive Look at How an iPad is Made at Foxconn

As of January 2012, an incredible 50 million Apple iPads have been sold, emphatically reiterating Apple’s stranglehold on the tablet computer market. But amidst the iPad’s wild success, reports of suicides and rampant worker abuse at Foxconn — Apple’s largest production plant in China – have plagued the device’s PR record, and placed Apple’s labor practices into the international spotlight. In hopes of defraying the negative publicity around Foxconn, Marketplace.org Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz was recently granted an exclusive, and extremely rare opportunity to visit the factory floor. He was able to tour the assembly process and interviewed a small sample of the quarter million Chinese employed at the plant. This short video highlights some of the mundane production processes, and offers a brief glimpse into a Chinese worker’s life outside of their workday. The fascinating story continues at Marketplace.org, where you can read interviews with Foxconn workers, as well as interviews with their bosses. Schmitz’s findings weren’t entirely shocking, or representative of the tragedies that have taken place at Foxconn, the entire report still sheds a compelling light on the other side of the “Designed in California” equation that simply deserves to be seen.

Town of Runners: A Documentary About Incredible Ethiopian Distance Runners

The Ethiopian highland town of Bekoji sits 2810 meters (just over 9,000 feet) above sea level, and is home to 16,000 citizens — many of whom aspire and excel in the same discipline. Town of Runners is a documentary following two young friends as they train, chase success, dream and come of age in a place that has produced an incredible eight Olympic gold medals, 10 world records and 32 world championships. The film is directed by Jerry Rothwell, and will be released to theaters on April 20 by Dogwoof.

Grenson – Behind The Brand Video

Renowned for craftsmanship and quality, Grenson has been making exquisite footwear since 1866 and is the first manufacturer to employ the Goodyear welting construction method which is now a hallmark of all well-made British shoes. In the first installment of an ongoing series, MR PORTER’s Behind The Brand video looks at why heritage, history and a modern aesthetic set Grenson shoes apart. The easily digestible and fascinating visuals allow the viewer to quickly comprehend why Grenson has been on top of the footwear stratosphere for 146 years.

Apr 16, 2012

Coachella Performance: Tupac Back!

Apr 8, 2012


Property Of… Hector Backpack

Property Of… launched in 2006 with the intent to offer men’s bags and accessories that reference the identity of each product’s end user rather than the design team behind its development. Consistent with its philosophy of incorporating traditional design with modern technologies, the Singapore-based brand presents a look at its latest release, the Hector Backpack. This expertly crafted piece offers a popular backpack silhouette that has been moderately seen the past season or two in either a wax coated cotton canvas or Cordura nylon outer shell. Further details include a padded compartment for a 15″ laptop, front buckle fastening, heavy leather handle and trims, inner storage pockets, and cotton ripstop lining.

Visions of Visionaries: Zombie Boy

We all have prejudices. When seeing someone on the street or meeting new people we immediately judge them by their appearance and their looks. MADE recently sat down with Rick Genest, better known as Zombie Boy due to his head to toe tattooed frame, to explore this phenomenon. Rick Genest achieved world fame as the face of fashion house Thierry Mugler, where he was discovered by creative director Nicola Formichetti. Shortly after, he became the muse in Lady Gaga’s video “Born This Way” and since then has evolved into various fashion and entertainment facets.

This weekend.

So this weekend it's all about Drizzy.

Everyone have a great weekend! Enjoy & Take Care.

Apr 3, 2012

A Conversation About Japan

Showcasing a discussion about Japan and the country’s influence on design and the creative industry, the video features an influential group including the likes of Jim Moore from GQ, Todd Snyder from TODD SNYDER, Ryan from PARABELLUM, Jeremiah Mandel from ALOHA RAG, and Tokihito Yoshida from TO-KI-TO talking about Japan’s impact on fashion and design.

Cheetah Print vs. Camo

By no means new to the world of street fashion (or high fashion for that matter), both camouflage and cheetah prints have seen various eras of popularity to both designers and the consumers who love to wear the dynamic motifs. As the tides of fashion will inevitably ebb-and-flow, the recent cyclical reemergence of all-over-prints has been noticeable with just about everything from Hawaiian prints to Navajo patterns being emblazoned across apparel, footwear and accessories. Debatable it may be, but two of the most prominent street fashion patterns of late seem to have taken shape with cheetah print and various camouflage prints being the most common and widely accepted. Be it the animal print-laden 5-panel camp hats from brands like Supreme or Maiden Noir or the heavy play that camouflage has seen from the industry’s infatuation with all things military and heritage, the two have fought for the attention of all-over-print lovers for some time now. True, you may have a few items of both prints in your closet. But, our latest polls merely aims to see which is more popular — do you like cheetah print or camo more?
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