Apr 3, 2012

Cheetah Print vs. Camo

By no means new to the world of street fashion (or high fashion for that matter), both camouflage and cheetah prints have seen various eras of popularity to both designers and the consumers who love to wear the dynamic motifs. As the tides of fashion will inevitably ebb-and-flow, the recent cyclical reemergence of all-over-prints has been noticeable with just about everything from Hawaiian prints to Navajo patterns being emblazoned across apparel, footwear and accessories. Debatable it may be, but two of the most prominent street fashion patterns of late seem to have taken shape with cheetah print and various camouflage prints being the most common and widely accepted. Be it the animal print-laden 5-panel camp hats from brands like Supreme or Maiden Noir or the heavy play that camouflage has seen from the industry’s infatuation with all things military and heritage, the two have fought for the attention of all-over-print lovers for some time now. True, you may have a few items of both prints in your closet. But, our latest polls merely aims to see which is more popular — do you like cheetah print or camo more?

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