Apr 25, 2012

The Toy Collecting Barber

A collector and purveyor of retro toys and games, Bobby Agren will take your old toys off you for money, a haircut, or a barter. Narrated by Bobby himself, this six-minute video titled “Retro Bobby” and produced by Copenhagers, is a delightful capture of the essence behind Bobby’s Copenhagen-based trading station/salon. With the space dubbed Ruben & Bobby, the video takes you inside, panning the shelves aligned with vivid toys of old. Sega, Nintendo, Street Sharks and Micro Machines are but a few nostalgic featured items that will make you want to rummage through your own old toy chest. Not to forget the added hair cutting aspect, Ruban & Bobby also double-up as a salon with Bobby as the stylist, to which a haircut can be exchanged for vintage toys.

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