Jul 13, 2011

Nike Air Yeezy 2?

The sneaker community took great notice when Kanye West was spotted wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 2 in London. Since then, information on this shoe has been scarce, although this highly-anticipated shoe is still scheduled to hit retailers this fall. There still isn't a solid, confirmed release date, however, we have now learned that the Nike Air Yeezy 2 will release in five total colorways as opposed to the three colors of 2009′s Nike Air Yeezy. In detail, three colorways will release exclusively at US retailers, while one will only be available to Europe retailers. Lastly, Nike will create one specifically for Asia retailers as well. You thought it was tough to get your hands on all three Nike Air Yeezy colorways? Imagine how tough it will be to snag all five Nike Air Yeezy 2 colorways!

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