Nov 7, 2011

Reebok: The Romantic Process of Jesse Boykins III

Reebok in association with singer-songwriter and producer Jesse Boykins III lets us into his world, delving into “The Romantic Process.” Watch and listen as the Chicago native speaks about his role as artist, his vision, and his musical process. The soulful R&B singer has been in the industry for roughly a decade and a half, beginning at the ripe age of 9, yet with each passing record, he embodies the innocent and free-spirited aura of a child creating a melody or crafting poetry for the first time.

Now watch and listen as Jesse speaks more in detail of his creative and writing process, as well as his transition in moving from Miami to New York. His progression as an artist has expectantly been a gradual process, but with each passing tune, he warrants more and more widespread attention.

Directors: Raul Mandru & Mihai Botarel

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