Feb 10, 2012

PROCESS: Parabellum Leather Goods

It goes without saying that domestic production has become an important facet of menswear over the past few years. Many hoping for a well-made product with great historical value can often look close to home and with good reason. The folks of Parabellum have been some of the best known purveyors of American-made accessories with their beautiful bison leather bags and accessories. We were fascinated by the unique interest they have in bison leather which in itself is a bit of a rarity. Here lies an interesting look into some important steps that go into the making of a Parabellum bag, most notably the “Medicine Man” Duffel Bag. Of course not all steps are shown here but it should give you a good idea of what exists in America’s storied production landscape. Unfortunately due to the sensitivity of the craft, we were unable to show some of Parabellum’s beautifully-crafted ceramic work but the processing of leather and the creation of the buckles are both presented.

Full article : Hypebeast

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