May 3, 2012

Chris Floyd: Waris Ahluwalia – The Way I Dress

In continuing its The Way I Dress series, where real men detail how they dress to face the day, MR PORTER highlights designer and actor, Waris Ahluwalia. Tending to gravitate towards a uniform of blazers, suits, proper shoes and beautifully crafted shirts, Ahluwalia has found fame as a frequent on the world’s best-dressed lists, an actor and jewelry designer for his namesake brand, House of Waris. In a short film directed by renowned filmmaker Chris Floyd, we’re offered a rare glimpse into the enterprising creative’s humbled selection of elegant garbs as he prepares to take on one of his many talented disciplines. Partnered with soothing jazz notes, Ahluwalia offers a narrative as an assistant helps him choose each garment, touching on his early fascination with fashion and take on collaborations.

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