Dec 19, 2013

B&O Home Styling: Nick Wooster

On Another Level brought together two forward-moving entities, Nick Wooster and B&O PLAY, for a closer look at what it means to be a master in the field of design. With one focused on fashion and the other on audio, both take classic design elements and infuse them with simplicity, aesthetics, heritage and quality. To discover the similarities between the two, High Snobiety visited Wooster at his Christopher Street apartment in New York. Just like how B&O PLAY draws upon decades of design excellence, craftsmanship and product innovation from Bang & Olufsen, the New Yorker surrounds himself with contemporary pieces of furniture steeped in years of history and tradition. Take his Stephen Kenn couch, for instance. Like many other things in his living room, the couch is a true testament to heritage and style: handmade out of repurposed and untreated WWII military fabric, proudly revealing all of its glorious veteran history.

Everything else in his apartment, even the way his bed is positioned, has a tangible reason, too. Brought upon by his belief in Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophical system on how to harmonize one’s self with the universe, Wooster makes sure not to let the back of his bed face the door. “That’s bad Feng Shui,” he casually declares; simple to understand yet extremely difficult to master. However, it is precisely this mastery which sets experts like Nick Wooster and B&O PLAY apart.

The combination of Wooster’s impeccable taste with the philosophical system he subscribes to clearly demonstrates his enjoyment of mixing the old with the new. A sleek, flat-screen TV nestles between two metal shelves entirely stocked of worn work boots. Black-and-white vintage portraits collected from antique shops rest against the wall on a cleanly uncarpeted floor. And now, a pair of B&O PLAY headphones have been added to his artifact mix, blending in perfectly thanks to their own combination of uncompromising quality and contemporary aesthetics. Like Bang & Olufsen’s application of innovation in classic design, Wooster wholly embraces the simple leather over-ears into his confident, oft-photographed style.

Gazing out at the thriving West Village below, he says, “I could have lived in a bigger, newer apartment out in Chelsea, or somewhere else, but it’s just not the same.” Lest you think it’s all because of the trendy, New Yorker neighborhood, that’s not the only reason: “Every subway line you want is right here.”

A true New Yorker, indeed. Effortlessly in line with what’s on without sacrificing function or necessity.

Enjoy a rare look into Nick Wooster’s Christopher Street apartment above and furnish your apartment with the best audio gear on the market over at B&O PLAY’s online shop.

About Nick Wooster

Origin: Salina, Kansas
Current Residence: New York, New York

After working as a menswear buyer and fashion director for various industry heavyweights like Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, Thom Browne and Gilt Groupe, Wooster is now part-owner of Atrium Wooster, a select multi-brand boutique.

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